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Through the foundations of psychology, Yvonne Kinney, PhD, has established a practice based on studying individual, group, and organizational behaviors and dynamics in the workplace. This work allows for a better understanding of how people behave and interact with one another for positive business results.

When you partner with Consulting Solutions, you will be challenged to look at situations from different angles, discover your own solutions, create a vision for the future, and lead effectively.

Executive & Leadership

  • Team & Organizational Assessments
  • Selection & Onboarding
  • Team Development
  • Leadership Development


  • Change & Transition
  • Organizational Culture
  • Succession Planning


  • Family Business Transitions
  • Exit Planning
  • Business Growth
  • Merger and Acquisition

Presentation &

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Keynotes & Breakout Sessions
  • Facilitating Retreats & Board Events
  • Executive & Peer Group Facilitation

Management Consulting for Success-Minded Businesses.

If you are a business owner, corporate leader, or next-generation owner, your success depends on your willingness to invest in yourself and your employees.

As strategic partners, we will work with you to:

  • Develop an organizational culture that promotes an engaged workforce.
  • Facilitate high-functioning teams with clear expectations and accountability.
  • Develop your leaders for growth and effectiveness.
  • Aid with exit strategies, ownership transitions, and succession management.
  • Develop hiring practices and onboard key hires for long-term success.
  • Utilize assessment instruments within organizations to address talent management practices and key selection/hiring.
  • Utilize individual diagnostics and analytics for executive/leadership development.


Let us help your business thrive.

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