Business Transitions.

Family Business

Helping you navigate unique challenges as a family-owned business and empowering your team to find solutions that work for your company.


Navigating business growth can be just as challenging. To scale successfully, you must have a proper plan and process in place.

Merger and Acquisition

Assisting organizations in managing the organizational changes resulting from a merger or acquisition.

Helping your business navigate change.

Successful transitions are critical in today’s organizations. While we applaud the determination to figure it out for yourself, transitions require skillful and careful execution. With our help, we can make the process as smooth as possible for the whole organization.

What You Can Expect:

  • Helping new leaders learn the business and culture.
  • Cultivating key relationships across the organization.
  • Creating a foundation for building a high-performing team.
  • Leveraging knowledge, skills, and attributes for effectiveness.

Services Detail

Family Business Transitions

Family-owned businesses present unique challenges to those who own and work for them. At Consulting Solutions, we can help you navigate through these unique challenges and empower your team to find solutions that fit your company’s culture and goals.

Exit and transition planning is applicable for all businesses. Every day challenges exist, how they are managed is telling of the preparedness and ability to course correct when needed. Establishing a timeline, knowledge transfer, and clear expectations is key to sustainability.

Business Growth

Every business will go through high points and low points. When growth happens, it’s important to be prepared. Having a plan provides a roadmap with key metrics to measure effectiveness and provide accountability to reach critical milestones.

Merger and Acquisition Transitions

Opportunities exist to focus on blending organizational cultures, workforces, teams, and individual employees. The excitement of what’s next can be blurred with the challenge of letting go of the way things have been in order to move forward successfully.

Many organizations invest a great deal of time in financial due diligence. The same need exists from a human capital perspective. When people are important in an organization, serious effort and investment in resources to aid in the transition of separate to blended executive and leadership teams as well as employee populations, is critical.

Identifying and developing the next leaders to take the merged organizations into the future is critical for success. We can help with a strategy and roadmap to move from two executive teams, duplication of leaders and managers, and an organizational structure to support a merged company.


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